Friday, December 23, 2011

Jackson Cuda Promo Video.

Jackson Kayaks has expanded its fishing kayak line with a new kayak the Cuda. Check out this promo video going over all the features that are bound to make this one of the hottest fishing kayaks for 2012.

Call or email to book a test paddle in the Cuda for 2012 or come check it out at the BC Sport and Fishing Show in Abbotsford, March 2-4 2012.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Jackson Kayaks Arrive at Western

Staff were kept busy on Tuesday unloading 92 new Jackson Kayaks.

One of the many piles of new boats recently arrived at Western Canoeing & Kayaking

We've got the brand new Jackson Fun Runner. Come in and check out the new fishing sit on top, the Cuda. Thinking of getting your kids into kayaking? We've got the Little Hero and the Fun 1.5.

We're open Tuesday thru Friday now thru December 23rd, so it's not too late to come in and outfit that kayaker on your Christmas list.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Immersion Research Double D Dry Suit now in stock!

You spoke and we listened, by popular demand we have brought in the infamous Immersion Research Double D Dry Suit. The Double D is known to be one of the best fitting most durable dry suits on the market. Add that to the 3 other models of Dry Suits, that we carry in stock, and you have guaranteed selection for winter long paddling comfort.

"Our premier dry suit. Build upon the Comp LX platform. Ergonomically cut pants, and the jacket is articulated for a paddling position. Fabric booties. Back entry zip for the driest seal with a skirt tunnel and most comfort while paddling. Relief fly zip. Pattern designed to have zero 4-way cross seams- a classic leaky spot on seam sealed garments. Every seam on the entire suit is hand-trimmed to 1/8th of an inch to ensure maximum seam tape contact. With a 4 layer waterproof, breathable Entrant® shell fabric, super flexible and easy-to-open dry zippers, bigger back entry zipper, and reinforced fabric booties you can't go wrong." - From IR web site

Monday, December 5, 2011

Our Newest Clipper

Western Canoeing staff was out early Monday morning testing their latest Big Canoe model, the 39' Northern Dancer XL. With seating for 18 paddlers, this northcoast aboriginal design will hit the water in spring 2012.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Northern Dancer XL

Our newest Big Canoe, tentatively named the Northern Dancer XL (for xtra long), is coming along way ahead of schedule. This 39' beauty will seat up to 18 paddlers.

The initial 'stripping up was completed last week. Fiberglassing the hull exterior started early this week.

We pulled the prototype off the stations this morning and will be fiberglassing the interior and adding some seats in preparation for a test paddle the first week of December. If you would like an update on when we'll test paddle, and or would like to join us please email me at :

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New 2012 Naish Boards have arrived!

Its no secret that Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing niche in the world of paddling, what you may not know is that WCK is following suit by hugely expanding our SUP offerings for 2012. New boards, new paddles, new accessories, lessons, tours and certified instruction staff will all help to make WCK the leader in SUP in the Fraser Valley and beyond.

To start things off this week we received our first of many Naish shipments. We now have stock in new 2012 Nalu's 11'4" & 11'6", as well as the Nalu Sport. We are also entering the race market with the our first new race board for 2012, the Naish Glide 12'6".

Don't worry ladies, we haven't forgotten about you, come check out the all new Alana 10'10", while this board is "pretty" enough to hang over the mantle as a decoration let there be no mistake, this board was designed to paddle, OK and look pretty.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

New CLIPPER Takes Shape

Something new in the works at CLIPPER.

After nearly a year and a half of talking about it, we've decided to add to our Big Boat line up once again.

The tremendous success of our 31' Northern Dancer, prompted us to come up with something a wee bit bigger, and a bunch more stable. The 39' NDXL (working name only) is starting to take shape. With enough room for you and 17 of your closest friends, this canoe will be plying coastal waters this summer.

Designed by James van Nostrand, the NDXL should be ready go sometime in April. If you want to be notified when the prototype hits the water, sometime in January/February, please drop us a note.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Boats for the Vancouver Kayak Club.

The Vancouver Kayak Club has been introducing paddlers to the great sport of whitewater kayaking for over 50 years. With club trips, training events, festivals, movie nights and tons of great people there is already a long list of reasons to join the Vancouver Kayak Club and, as of yesterday, there are 3 more great reasons, a Wavesport Diesel 70 and 80 as well as a Jackson Hero.

Yesterday, Rob stopped by and picked out 3 shiny new boats (ok, new to the club). These boats will no doubt take many paddlers down their first rivers and beyond. Way to go VKC, looking forward to another great season and another great festival!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Peak UK Dry Suit Review

For 2011 we decided to try some new Dry Suits at the store from a company called Peak UK. Peak has been around for a long time in Europe but has never had a large presence in North America, until now that is.

For the last couple of years we have only sold the highly coveted Kokatat Gore-Tex suits. While these suits are arguably one of, if not the best suits on the market they are sometimes a little out of the price range for many recreation paddlers. At a couple of hundred dollars less than a Gore-Tex suit we thought we would try a few Peak suits and see how they went, and went they did. We sold out of our first Peak suits only a couple days after we got them in.

As soon as we received our first suits from Peak, I was really intrigued by some of the new ideas they have applied to their suits. The most obvious new feature is also the coolest, the leg entry. The leg entry is awesome, it's far and above easier to get in and out of this style than the traditional front or rear entry suits. The Zipper goes from one ankle up the inseam and down to the other ankle. You pull the suit on much like you would a hoodie. Aside from making entry and exit a breeze it's also really comfortable. You don’t notice the zipper at all while sitting in a kayak or canoe, not something that can be said for the other styles of suits. The entry zipper also doubles as a relief zipper (a must have feature on a dry suit) for both men and women. On some front entry suits the zipper creates a spot where water can leak through the tunnel on a spray skirt as it creates a ridge the skirt can't conform to.

The Peak dry suits also come with all the other standard features we have come to expect from dry suits. A double tunnel, built in waterproof socks, breathable material, and reinforced high wear spots all come standard on the Peak. Some extras on the Peak suits that don’t come standard on most other suits are things like armor pockets for whitewater paddlers to add some extra padding when running the steep and manky stuff. Also the Explorer suit (sea kayakers & canoeists) comes with a standard built in hood that hides away in the collar when not in use. The sea kayaking crowd really loves the adjustable neck closure on the Explorer suit. Most sea kayakers don’t have the need for an uncomfortable latex neck gasket. The Explorer suit has a super comfortable Lycra neck closure that can be opened up for ventilation or cinched tight for a dryer ride.

Picture of the 2011 Peak Adventurer Suit. For 2012 there are new colors and more pockets.

Me about to test my Peak UK Creek Suit off a 35 foot falls on St.Leon Creek. Photo by Mikkel St.Jean Duncan.

I have had my Creek suit from Peak for 5 months now and have over 50 days in it, with no complaints.

The Creek suit sells for $749, (optional shoulder, elbow and spine armor sold separately), the Explorer suit will be selling for $769.

Picture of a 2011 Creek Suit, for 2012 the suits are red and have pockets.

Come check out these cool new suits and extend your paddling season this winter, safely and comfortably.

Ryan Bayes

Hobie Pro Angler Review

Last week we received a rather large shipment of Hobie Kayaks, over 65 to be exact. Being only the second season of carrying Hobie kayaks those numbers should tell you something about how popular these boats were last season. Largely Hobie’s popularity is because of two things. The first, kayak fishing. This new phenomenon for the North West is gaining unbelievable momentum. Secondly, Hobie’s patented Mirage Drive pedal system is amazing. This propulsion system is somewhere between 2 and 3 times as efficient as a traditional paddle, and possibly best of all it's hands free. Hands free, and kayak fishing just seems to be no brainer.

Before I go any further I should probably bring you up to speed on my fishing career, or more accurately lack there of. Most of my fishing occurred 10+ years ago while on family canoeing trips. Most of my fishing was done for Rainbow Trout on remote northern rivers using a fly rod. So going out with a spinning rod in the local jet boat infested waters with aspirations of landing a salmon in a kayak were a little overwhelming at first.

Now, back to the boat. The Pro Angler is a fishing masterpiece that even a novice like myself can appreciate. The boat at first glance can be intimidating, it's packed with so many features that every time I get back on it I find something new and useful. With 8+ rod holders, several tackle boxes, a rudder, and several storage compartments this things is laid out with one objective in mind, catching fish.

Aside from the unbelievable efficiency of the Mirage drive the other thing that sets the Pro Angler aside from other fishing kayaks is the amazing stability. Unlike other fishing kayaks, that claim you can stand in them the Pro Angler really delivers on that. On more than one occasion while out on the Harrison River I had jet boaters go out of their way to make a little extra wake for me, even with a 2 foot rolling wave I was able to stay standing, much to the dismay of the red necks piloting the jet boats.

Aside from not actually catching anything yet I have had an amazing time on the water, in fact kayak fishing may have turned me back into a fisherman, all be it a non successful one yet.

If you haven’t yet tried fishing from a kayak I highly recommend you do, even when you don’t catch anything you get a lot more exercise than you do sitting at home watching the fishing channel or sitting shotgun in your buddy's noisy aluminum boat.

Ryan Bayes

Stay tuned for some kayak fishing specific events coming to the Fraser Valley next year. We are planning to host a kayak fishing seminar and possibly even a kayak fishing derby. Sign up for our email news letter to stay in the loop on upcoming events.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Film Premiere: Tracing the Columbia

In July 15, 2011, exactly 200 years after explorer David Thompson arrived, the Columbia Voyageur Brigade arrived in Oregon's Astoria Harbor. On Saturday November 19, 2011 we will be helping to host the premiere of the film Tracing the Columbia which chronicles this six week expedition.

Come to the Premiere of the film Tracing the Columbia-- Saturday, November 19, 2011, in Abbotsford, BC. There will be a reception afterwards

Where:University of the Fraser Valley
33844 King Road, Abbotsford.
Lecture Theatre B101

When: 7pm, Saturday November 19th

Tickets available: In advance at Western Canoeing & Kayaking or at the door.
All tickets $10

The evenings events are hosted by: 2011 David Thompson Columbia River Brigade Society. With assistance from: The University of the Fraser Valley and Western Canoeing & Kayaking

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Member on the WCK Whitewater Team.

WCK is welcoming 'on board' the newest member of our Whitewater Team, Jen Eddie.

Choosing Jen was really a no brainer when we were picking the team. Jen's enthusiasm for whitewater kayaking is hard to miss. Aside from her day job, teaching in Lytton BC, she spends a lot of time getting youth in her area into kayaks. When picking people for the team we weren't looking for the gnarliest of the huckers (all though Jen does fit that bill as well) we were looking for people that portrayed whitewater in a good light, and promoted the sport in a positive manner. If you have ever paddled with Jen you know that's exactly what she does. The massive smile never leaves her face from put in to take out.

Jen throwing a big blunt.

Jen was more excited about having access to our demo and rental boats, and gear to help get the local kids in her area out on the water, than she was about the sweet deals of being on the team. This only reassured us that we chose the right person.

Surfing on the Slave during the Slave River Festival Rodeo.

Jen will be posting trip reports and reviews on the site from her many exploits across Canada with her kayak. Check the forum for her updates on the Frog Wave (Thompson River) as well as other local runs like the Stein and Nahatlatch.

Yup, there's that smile.

Jen showing she ain't just about the play boating.

Keep up the great work Jen, glad to have you on board!

By Ryan Bayes

Liquid Logic Now at WCK

Liquid Logic Kayaks are now in stock at Western Canoeing and Kayaking. The Stomper 80 and 90 are this year's most highly anticipated new Creek boats. After a quick test paddle by some of the staff this new boat is now a favorite . The Stomper combines many of the hull features from the hugely popular Jefe and Remix series by Liquid Logic. Its flatter hull and massive rocker make for a forgiving ride with out loosing the feel of the water like some other soft mannered boats.

We have lots of stock in the Stomper and even some demo boats. Call now to arrange a demo paddle . . . if we can pry it away from the staff that is.

We also brought in Liquid Logic's already classic Remix XP series. The cross-over category of kayaks has been way more popular than we could have ever guessed. This just goes to show that our paddlers want something that can take them from mild to wild depending on their mood, or current paddling conditions.

Designed to excel in flatwater and up to class 3 whitewater, cross over boats are largely popular due to do their versatility, not to mention they out perform most flat water boats even on flat water. Rec boats have become so stable that by some standards they now lack the performance they once had, problem solved with the Remix. Aside from coming in 2 sizes 9' and 10' for small and bigger paddlers the Remix is packed full of all the features you would expect from any good boat, recreational or whitewater.

With more boats arriving all the time, check back to see what else Liquid Logic has up it's sleeve for 2012.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WCK Staff Rocks it at Tamihi Five-O

Team Paddler and WCK ace sales person Laura Demers placed in the medals in all three events she entered at this years Tamihi Five O, held Sept 17-18 on the Chilliwack River here in B.C.

Tamihi Five O is a fun slalom race for open canoes. Held every year in September, this 4th annual event is just 40 minutes from Western Canoeing & Kayaking’s front door.

Race organizers report that “This is not an event where you'll find lots of trained racers - you'll find mortal river-runners just having a good time trying to get through the gates. Experienced paddlers can try for a fast, clean run; newer paddlers may "decide" to skip a gate or two, and that's OK!”

A large contingent of competitors came from the Beaver Canoe Cub. Paddlers also attended from Washington, Oregon, Colorado…and as far away as Toronto and the UK! Laura finished up the day by doing the course on her “Imagine- Rapid Fire” SUP board. This was the first time a Stand Up Board has been used at this event. She made it look so easy, I kind of expect to see this as a full on event at next year’s T5-O.

Thanks to Steve Charles of Totem Photographics for the use of his pics.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Georgian Bay in the 185 MacKenzie

Clipper owner Larry Norman sent us this note and photos about his family's summer canoe trip.

Another summer and a few more trips in the Mackenzie 18.5'.
A few weeks ago we were on Georgian Bay at Philip Edward Island for 6 days. This boat is absolutely the perfect canoe for this place. Our kids are now 5,7 and 9 and still tons of capacity. This area is more commonly traveled in sea kayaks than canoes, as winds can come up fast and there are some vast reaches of open water on the bay.
Even so with one eye on the weather and some care it can be safely explored in a canoe, the right canoe anyway. Our good friends, experienced paddlers were also in an 18'5 made by someone else , and with one less passenger, so we thought we would all be equally comfortable in the waves. As the swell rose on the second day, we were bone dry and rock solid as we watched their bow bury and take on water before a quick decision to make camp on the lee side of the nearest island.

Fortunately it was a beautiful site!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Customer

Linda just picked up a brand new Current Designs GTS.
She wondered if it would fit on her Mini Cooper.

We said, 'no problem'.

Linda is one of many happy customers who purchased a new boat at our Huge Sale this past week.

We would like to thank all the folks who stopped in during the past few days. It's really been an exciting week.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Our end of Summer Sale starts this Saturday.

Pricing on canoes and kayaks will be posted on Thursday evening, click here

For phone inquiries call Friday 1.866.644.8111 or 604.853.9320

Monday, August 15, 2011

Clipper Big Canoes off Vancouver Island

Please click on the attached album for some photos taken during

the Pulling Together Journey off the coast of Vancouver Island,

Summer 2011. All canoes pictured were built by Clipper.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Clipper 16 Prospector: Super Lite

The Clipper 16 Prospector has long been one of Clipper's best selling models. Modeled after the traditional Chestnut Prospector it's easy to see why, with smooth lines and a lively hull the 16 Prospector has been a favorite amongst river trippers and traditional canoers for many years. The canoe has a loose feel that appeals to more experienced paddlers or paddlers wanting a boat that can handle tandem and solo duties as well as tackle some moderate class 3 with its great maneuverability and dry ride.

The Clipper 16 Prospector already came in 5 different layup options using 3 different materials, Fiberglass, Kevlar and Basalt. For 2011 Clipper now offers this classic in a new lighter layup, Super Lite. The Super Lite is a spin off of the Ultra Lite. The Super Lite uses Clipper Canoe's single wooden gunnel borrowed from the race boat series to save weight as well as shedding some of the reinforcing that made the ultra lite such a durable boat. The Super Lite has a thinner layer of S-Glass for its initial layer and a few less layers in the bow and stern. Trimming this extra material has made for some great weight savings. This new laminate will no doubt be less impact resistant but the weight saving of 12 pounds is hard to argue with. Coming in at just 40lbs this boat is almost as nice to lift and carry as it is to paddle.

Here are some shots of our first ever Super Lite 16. Sorry though, this boat sold the first day we put it in the showroom, but don't worry #2 is on it's way through finishing right now with more scheduled to be built this week.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

WCK whitewater team: Island Trip Video

While the weather in Southwest BC has been far from ideal for touring and recreational paddlers the whitewater paddlers have been loving the slow gradual melt of snow, this means good flows in river and creeks across BC much longer than most seasons.

Here is trip report and video from a trip to the Island with some of the WCK Pro-Team paddlers.

Ryan Bayes

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bill Reid and the Haida Canoe Opens at the Bill Reid Gallery

1993 Ink Drawing by Bill Reid

Bill Reid and the Haida Canoe Opens at the Bill Reid Gallery 639 Hornby Street, Vancouver –Exhibition is open to the public at the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art, June 22, 2011 – January 8, 2012 . The show conveys the pivotal role of the canoe in Northwest Coast art, cultures and communities. The visitor experiences the revival of canoe building and paddling along the coast and beyond.

Reid, was convinced that the canoe played a generic role in the evolution of Northwest Coast art. In his words, “Western art starts with the figure – West Coast Indian art starts with the canoe.”

The exhibition will travel to the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough, Ontario in 2012

Gallery Hours: Wed – Sun, 11am – 5pm Feature Exhibition: Bill Reid and the Haida Canoe - June 22, 2011 – January 8, 2012Follow us on Twitter!

Steaming of the Lootaas, 1985. Photo by Robert Semeniuk

Lootaas in Paris, 1989 photo by Philip Hersee Photography

Friday, July 8, 2011

Stoaked about Sweet Protection Gear!

It seems like this year is all about new gear. New lines, new models of boats and lots and lots of new gear. In keeping with this theme of newness I would like to unveil the latest addition to Western Canoeing and Kayaking already ample supply of top of the line gear.

Sweet Protection has been at the for front of awesome gear for whitewater paddlers for many years already. Known best for their top of the line helmets Sweet has now ventured into other realms like dry gear, urban cloths and paddling accessories.

Here at WCK we are now fully stocked on Sweet gear, and the gear is just that, SWEET! With lots of helmets ranging from full face's to brimmed baseball style helmets to suit every paddlers need, and possibly more important every paddlers fashion needs. No seriously though, lots of styles and lots of colors.

Aside from helmets, we have some dry tops, dry pants, paddling shorts and gear bags all from Sweet. With some of the stock already sold before it even arrived be sure to swing in soon and see some of this great new gear.

The Rocker Full Face is the next level full face. Composite carbon construction, super comfy and adjustable outfitting, Sweet visor for mad sexy points and sun blocking and two sizes to ensure a good fit for all day comfort.

The Sweet Strutter will have you strutting your way down the river or through the surf zone, without having to squint at reflecting sun off the water. The original brimmed paddling helmet.

The Rocker Full Cut offers great protection when you don't need the full face. All the same great features of the Full Face without the jaw guard.

The Wanderer is Sweet cheapest helmet, but its not short on Sweet features. Built with Carbon Fiber reinforcing and Sweet's already legendary outfitting. At $139.00 its easy to see why this is such a popular lid.

We all love Gore-Tex, and so does Sweet. Made with Gore-Tex the Shadrach Top offers extreme dryness in all conditions and durability to hold up through the worst conditions. the cut of these tops is great, after one run in my new top it never pulled tight even for freestyle moves and didn't leak a drop.

"Its brand NEW! The gear bag you've been waiting for. Big compartment for wet gear with a long zip on the side. Front zip pocket, and integrated tarp to keep your feet clean when changing. Straps for easy carry." Sweet Protection, Dirty Frank Gear Bag.

"A highly technical paddle shorts especially designed to complement our dry tops. It’s constructed to provide an excellent fit while seated, and the neoprene liner provides warmth. The legs are extended over the knees for padding and protection." Sweet Protection

Shambala Shorts!

Who ever said blue wasn't a high visibility color? (Tacky 80's shades sold separately)

The maiden run of my new Sweet top and shorts in the Chilliwack River Canyon. With outstanding dryness from the Sweet Top and the Jackson Villain there wasn't a drop of water in my boat at the end of the run . . . even after a few dunkings.

Check out Sweet's full line up of gear here. Their Lifestyle Collection of clothing is super cool as well.