Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pacific Dancer

It's been over 12 years since the successful launch of CLIPPER Canoes' first native style canoe, the Northern Dancer. Now it's time to welcome the next one, the Pacific Dancer. At 36 feet, this work of art made for water, is much more stable than traditional designs thanks to a flat mid section. The stability of this boat was first apparent on the initial test paddle where we were able to lean it over comfortably to the point of almost dipping the gunwales. It has a long straight water line that gives it incredible speed and tracking, yet carves into turns effortlessly. Compared to traditional dugouts of its size, the Pacific Dancer is going to weigh in at less than a third of the weight of that of a dug out canoe. This helps the already sporty feel take on a truly nimble feeling on the water. The light weight of this canoe makes moving it around on dry land almost as rewarding as moving it around on water.

With 9 seats, there is room for 18 paddlers and some passengers as well as an elevated sternsman position, providing a good view and leverage to the captain. Some other standard features will be a kevlar reinforced laminate that is equally as strong as it is light. With over 25 years building big boats we know exactly where the kevlar reinforcing needs to be. We use a foam core in the hull to keep all 36 feet stiff and responsive. With foam filled flotation tanks in the bow and stern, as well as foam filled seats, there is ample flotation for even the roughest of conditions. With a wood free construction this boat is virtually maintenance free. We only recommend a light wash after use and a wax job once a year to keep this boat looking like the work of art that it is.

We also have the option of adding custom graphics or decals by special request.

This boat will be a welcome addition to our fleet line up, and we anticipate it to be quite popular with First Nations journeys, tour businesses and schools up and down the West Coast. With orders already coming in and only one mold available, now is a good time to get your order in.

Here are a few pics of the build up and test paddles. Hope you enjoy paddling it as much as we've enjoyed building it.

Ryan Bayes

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