Wednesday, June 15, 2011

PEAK UK, keeping you dry and warm!

Western Canoeing and Kayaking is now officially Peak UK's largest dealer in Canada. Once you see this gear and the amazing prices you will understand why we dove head first into this very innovative line of layering and dry gear. European paddlers have long enjoyed this quality gear and now we're bringing it to B.C.

With everything from Dry-suits and Dry tops to socks and thermal layers Peak offers a wide range of gear to keep you comfortable out on the water no matter the conditions.

For Dry Suits, Peak offers 2 styles. The Creek Suit is made for heavy use in demanding whitewater environments and is packed full of awesome features like, X4 fabric for great waterproofing and breathability, optional elbow, shoulder and spine padding (for those rare occasions you find yourself offline). But possibly coolest of all is the leg entry zip system, this unique zipper system is fully waterproof and makes getting in and out of the suit really easy, it also doubles as a relief zipper so you don't have to gear down every time nature calls.

For touring paddlers Peak offers the Adventurer Suit. Made from the same bomber material as the Creek suit this piece of gear is going to keep you dry for years to come. The Adventurer comes with a neoprene neck gasket instead of a latex for added comfort on long hauls. This suit also uses the handy leg entry zip system. The stowed away 2.5 layer hood means you can adjust for changing conditions on the water. With built in socks, like the creek suit, and lots of reflective taping this suit doesn't only keep you comfortable it also offers an element of safety.

Now for the best part, both the Creek and Adventurer suits sell for $699.00, yes, you read that right.

If you don't need the full on dry suit for your paddling, Peak also offers the Deluxe Dry Top, with the same material and many of the same features as the dry suits this is a really great top and like the suits, it's an amazing deal at only $259.00 for a full dry top with double tunnel and latex gaskets at the wrists and neck. (Still waiting on some sizes so call before you drive out)

To keep your hands warm, Peak makes ultra light weight Pogies. Made from 2.5 layer breathable fabric these pogies pack up small enough to fit into a life jacket pocket when you don't need them, and you won't notice the extra weight on your nice carbon paddle. $37.95

You can loose heat through your head faster than any other part of your body, to keep your noggin warm on the water Peak makes the Neoskin Headcase. This fleece lined Neoprene head warmer sells for only $22.95.

We also have a wide range of Peak's 2.5mm Neoprene Socks. With a super tough and super thin sole these socks will work great in even the tightest surf boats or can be used as some added warmth in your booties on those really cold days. $21.00

If you have paddled for very long you already know you can never have too much fleece. Peak also knows this and makes some really nice fleece pants and long sleeve tops. The Peak fleece tops are a medium weight tight fit so they will fit inside your dry suit or tops without bunching or making you look like the Michelin man, or woman. At $49.95 for the pants and $54.95 for the tops these pieces are going to be hugely popular.

To top it all off we have brought in some really comfortable PFD's from Peak at the unbeatable price of $69.00

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shayne Vollmers joins the WCK pro-team!

For 2011 WCK has started up our very own pro-team. These pro team paddlers cover all types of craft, be it whitewater, touring, canoeing, and fishing. Unlike most pro-teams though our goal is not simply an ego stroke and cheap gear for some hot dog paddlers. Instead we've selected paddlers that give back to the community they represent and acknowledging their efforts to further the sport in their region.

So, I would like to welcome out first paddler to the team. While Shayne Vollmers does fit into that category I mentioned earlier of hot dog paddlers his passion for the sport of whitewater kayaking is unrivaled. Shayne is based on Vancouver Island and is basically a walking encyclopedia of island whitewater. If it has water, gradient and has been paddled or will be paddled on the island, chances are Shayne knows it, and his sketchy napkin maps and descriptions are usually bang on. (keep in mind though the island folk grade their whitewater a grade or 2 short sometimes).

When his day job of teaching doesn't get in the way, you can usually find him shredding ocean waves at Tofino and Skookumchuck or bombing down the endless supply of creeks and rivers on the island. During the winter months when the island rivers and waves are all primed you can usually find a group of kayakers loitering in his living room and sleeping on couches at what has aptly been dubbed Shayne's Nanaimo boater hostel.

So, next time you're on the island keep an ear open as you drive past rivers and chances are you can hear the shreaks of joy from Shayne and screams of terror from paddlers getting the Shayne Vollmers island tour, and maybe you will be lucky enough to find out exactly what we mean when we say "the Shayne Filter"!

Stay tuned for more updates on the new WCK pro-team.

Ryan Bayes

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Jackson Funs and Coosa Fishing Boats debut at WCK!

Its likely not news anymore at this point, but we here at WCK are still mega stoked about our newest line of boats by Jackson Kayaks. These guys just won't stop coming out with sweet new boats.

The latest additions to our line up is the super cool Coosa Fishing kayaks. The Coosa has unique written all over it. With Jackson's always new and fresh 'take' on kayaks they have built one of the most comfortable and versatile new fishing machines out there. The Coosa is at home on flat water, but really shines in mild whitewater. This just makes way too much sense for fishing in BC. While there is some great lake and ocean fishing all over South West BC there is certainly just as much or more great river fishing, and now we have the perfect craft to get you and your rod to where you need to be.

I'm not going to go into detail on the countless amazing features this boat has to offer the fishing crowd as that is likely better suited for a short novel than this blog. However, there are just a few features I can't help but mention.

First off, the seat, it kicks butt (no pun intended). It's hugely comfortable and adjustable, it can even be elevated for a better casting position, bonus! The seat is also removable, so on fishing trips you've got an A+ seat whether you're on the water or enjoying a nice cold beer on the beach after a day of fishing.

Another super cool feature is that this boat is designed for standing in, so casting with a little elevation while your fly fishing from a kayak is no longer an issue.

I also really love the inside storage, the inside of the boat is designed so that rods can be stored internally and the hatches lock to keep your gear safe and secure on your next trip, this also reduces time spent setting up for a day of fishing; load the boat, drive to fishing spot, unload boat, start fishing!

For the full scoop on this floating fish catching platform check the JK site here!

The Coosa isn't the only new boat for us this week from Jackson. After an astonishing number of requests we have fully stocked ourselves with Jackson Fun series of boats, with demos and stock boats in the 2fun, Fun and 4Fun we now carry every whitewater boat made by Jackson.

If you paddle whitewater, likely the Fun series needs no introduction. If you're new to the sport then you will soon find out why the Fun is one of the most popular whitewater kayaks on the market today. It's a river running play boat, with gobs of stability, heaps of surf-ability and an excess of comfort! Hence the name Fun.

Starting at $999 for the Super Linear model the Fun series will offer you a great platform for learning and advancing your paddling, without smashing open the bank account.

More on the ultra classic Fun series here.