Thursday, November 12, 2009

New and cool boats for 2010

This last week we had our first shipment of 2010 boats from Confluence Watersports. Among the pile of some 120 boats were some cool new surprises. The first things that stood out were the crazy new colors from Dagger kayak's white water line up. For 2010 the old fire color got a new look as well as an addition of 3 new colors. Rain, Ember and Glacier are all new. While these colors are borderline retro ugly they have been a big hit with everyone that comes through the door. You can check out there new colors here. Dagger Kayaks

This first shipment brought with it a new cool boat from Wilderness Systems. The Commander 120 is a hybrid crossover. It looks like a sit on top but with raised side walls for a dryer ride. The entire boat is wrapped in slide trax to make outfitting for fishing a breeze. The boat offers 2 seating positions as well as the ability to stand and fly fish. There is a great video of the boat and its features found here. This boat will no doubt be a hit with the kayak fishing crowd that is growing huge each year.

Wilderness Systems has always been out in front as far as kayak comfort goes. Seen here with their Phase 3 Outfitting and hugely adjustable seat. The Commander takes it to another level though by having the Phase 3 seat removable, this allows you to use it as a camp or picnic chair while not in your kayak.

The last cool surprise was the new sit on tops from Perception Kayaks. The new Tribe models come in 3 lengths, 9.5, 11.5 and 13.5. The 13.5 can be paddled solo, tandem or can even accommodate a threesome. The kayaks were all built to be stacked. Even the different lengths stack nicely on each other. This makes storing them at the cottage a little easier. They're also considerably lighter than most other sit on tops we're used to.

Well, I have another 100 or so boats to unwrap so I'm signing off, but check back as we will be getting some new and exiting boats in from Necky and Current Designs soon including the new Ocean Kayak stand up paddle board.

Ryan Bayes

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