Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bellingham Ski 2 Sea Team

Ski2sea 2010 had a smashing finish at the recent Bellingham Ski to Sea Race.

464 teams competed in the relay from the Mt Baker Ski area to Bellingham Bay.
Our team came 5th overall, 4th in our division and just seconds out of the medals.

Top teams from Bos Construction won the event.

We’ve been competing in this event for over 10 years – almost always finishing ‘in the medals’ even finishing first in 2007

Dan Roycroft competed for us in the X Country leg and came in 5th. Passing off to Trevor Jordan who had a fall in his leg, loosing a few spots. But, Sean Chester of Victoria, who bless his heart likes running down hill, brought us back up to 2nd place again.

When Trevor fell the lanyard on the timing chip broke, so when Sean passed the lanyard on to John Meehan, our road biker, it ended up getting caught in his spokes. Narrowly missing doing a header over his handle bars, John had to come to a full stop and untangle the mess. This put us back significantly. But bravo for John for getting back in there and fighting his way back up to 10th.

John passed off to canoeist Harry James who sprinted to the river jumping in with fellow paddler Ron Williams. Ron slipped in the mud at the start and was, for a moment, under the canoe. They ended up well though, beating their time from last year.

Ron and Harry passed off to Ricky Federau our fearless mtn biker, who managed to pass several bikers and make up over 3 minutes in our overall time.

Our final leg was completed by Ian MacKenzie who paddled his surfski across Bellingham Bay in 43minutes and 45 seconds. Finishing mere seconds behind 3rd place

We’re very proud of our Ski to Sea Team – and we’ll be back next year to medal for sure.

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