Saturday, August 21, 2010

New boats @ WCK for 2010/2011

Every year WCK staff head down to Salt Lake City for the annual Outdoor Retailer show to insure we're the first shop with all the new must have paddle gear. Although this year's on water demo was dominated by the SUP (stand up paddling) craze, we did find some cool new kayaks floating around.

One of the new boats that got me most excited was the Pyranha Fusion. The Fusion is a great cross over kayak that at 10' is perfect for light touring and up to class 3 white water. It's a great boat for some of the flatter rivers we have here in the Fraser Valley. The Fusion also has a drop skeg to help keep you going straight on the flats. The cross over category of kayaks has largely been dominated by boats more suited to recreational flat water and class 2 paddling like the Dagger Approach that we've already been selling for years.
The Fusion comes in 2 sizes and has 2 outfitting options. Being a little narrower than other more recreational oriented cross over boats the Fusion has more speed and better maneuverability from the increased rocker. Although the Approach's larger flatter hull gives it unbeatable stability an experienced paddler will likely enjoy the more aggressive outfitting and hull on the Fusion.

If you're looking for a more full-on whitewater experience we've also got Pyranha's line of whitewater specific boats from creeking and river running to their new super popular play boat the Molan (now in stock).

Aside from some cool new boats being offered by the brands we already carry like Wilderness Systems, Perception and Wavesport we also fell in love with the Hobie kayak line. Many of you will know Hobie from their great line up of sail boats, but they also build some very unique kayaks, that allow you to propel the boat with your feet . . . yes there is also a paddle included with these boats. If you are unfamiliar with Hobies "Mirage Drive System", you should definitely check out their site or swing into the store and see what it's all about. Using a combination of Hobbie's Mirage Drive and the fiber glass paddle, allows the paddler (or peddler) to get a full body work out. The Hobie also has a distinct advantage for fishing and hunting as its hands free operation allowing you to focus on more important things like that next fish.

The Hobie Rep will be at our Aug 28 sale with his demo boats for people to see. Our new Hobie stock should arrive in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for more updates on new gear for next season.

Ryan Bayes

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