Thursday, October 7, 2010

3rd annual Tamihi 5-0- Open Canoe Slalom

This past September was the 3rd annual Tamihi 5-O Open Canoe Race. Tamihi 5-O is held on the world famous Tamihi Rapid on the Chilliwack River. The race is a fun orientated slalom race on a challanging class 3-4 rapid. With multiple gates to hit the course provides lots of spectator amusement as paddlers scramble to make gates on their way down stream.

This year WCK's very own Laura Demers cleaned up taking top place in the Women's Solo and mixed Tandem with Don Frose. Laura paddled her Clipper Probe in the Women's Solo division and a Dagger Caption in the tandem. Laura was crowned "Queen of the River" for her multiple wins along with Don Frose as "King of the River".

Big thanks to Clipper, Esquif and Kokatat for demo boats and drysuits. Please click here for a complete list of sponsors and volunteers.

I went out to train with Laura on Saturday but couldn't make it in time for the race on Sunday, when I did arrive I was surprised to see the river a lot higher than the night before. This transformed the course from a gentle class 3 to a much more rowdy and faster moving rapid, it made hitting the gates a lot harder but all competitors put on a good show.

Check back next year for info on the 2011 Tamihi 5-0.

Laura Demers and her "Queen of the River Trophy".

Laura and Don on one of their tandem runs.

The Esquif Zephyr is one sexy boat.

For being an older design Clippers Kev/Dflx Viper is still really popular, that was evident by the number of them at the race.

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