Thursday, February 3, 2011

Delsyk Akula 16 Review

Delsyk Akula Review:

Delsyk Designs new 16’ Akula proves itself worthy as a full fledged Sea Kayak built for paddlers looking for a stable yet agile craft. It will accommodate paddlers of most sizes, however, larger paddlers may feel less comfortable with the narrow beam.
For myself at 165lbs and 5’8” it was a perfect fit. The adjustable seat back support and leg lift add a level of comfort not found in many plastic touring kayaks. Having a flatter bottom with hard chines makes this kayak great for both its initial and secondary stability. Leaning it over on it's side with my sprayskirt underwater I was able to hold it there without my paddle even touching the water. The hard chine also makes this boat remarkably maneuverable; it practically turns on a dime without the aid of a paddle stroke. I would highly recommend this kayak to anyone looking for something a little playful but still super stable. Come out and try one today!


Length: 16.5'

Beam: 23"

Cockpit: 33"x15"

Laura Demers

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