Thursday, June 2, 2011

Shayne Vollmers joins the WCK pro-team!

For 2011 WCK has started up our very own pro-team. These pro team paddlers cover all types of craft, be it whitewater, touring, canoeing, and fishing. Unlike most pro-teams though our goal is not simply an ego stroke and cheap gear for some hot dog paddlers. Instead we've selected paddlers that give back to the community they represent and acknowledging their efforts to further the sport in their region.

So, I would like to welcome out first paddler to the team. While Shayne Vollmers does fit into that category I mentioned earlier of hot dog paddlers his passion for the sport of whitewater kayaking is unrivaled. Shayne is based on Vancouver Island and is basically a walking encyclopedia of island whitewater. If it has water, gradient and has been paddled or will be paddled on the island, chances are Shayne knows it, and his sketchy napkin maps and descriptions are usually bang on. (keep in mind though the island folk grade their whitewater a grade or 2 short sometimes).

When his day job of teaching doesn't get in the way, you can usually find him shredding ocean waves at Tofino and Skookumchuck or bombing down the endless supply of creeks and rivers on the island. During the winter months when the island rivers and waves are all primed you can usually find a group of kayakers loitering in his living room and sleeping on couches at what has aptly been dubbed Shayne's Nanaimo boater hostel.

So, next time you're on the island keep an ear open as you drive past rivers and chances are you can hear the shreaks of joy from Shayne and screams of terror from paddlers getting the Shayne Vollmers island tour, and maybe you will be lucky enough to find out exactly what we mean when we say "the Shayne Filter"!

Stay tuned for more updates on the new WCK pro-team.

Ryan Bayes

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