Thursday, July 28, 2011

Clipper 16 Prospector: Super Lite

The Clipper 16 Prospector has long been one of Clipper's best selling models. Modeled after the traditional Chestnut Prospector it's easy to see why, with smooth lines and a lively hull the 16 Prospector has been a favorite amongst river trippers and traditional canoers for many years. The canoe has a loose feel that appeals to more experienced paddlers or paddlers wanting a boat that can handle tandem and solo duties as well as tackle some moderate class 3 with its great maneuverability and dry ride.

The Clipper 16 Prospector already came in 5 different layup options using 3 different materials, Fiberglass, Kevlar and Basalt. For 2011 Clipper now offers this classic in a new lighter layup, Super Lite. The Super Lite is a spin off of the Ultra Lite. The Super Lite uses Clipper Canoe's single wooden gunnel borrowed from the race boat series to save weight as well as shedding some of the reinforcing that made the ultra lite such a durable boat. The Super Lite has a thinner layer of S-Glass for its initial layer and a few less layers in the bow and stern. Trimming this extra material has made for some great weight savings. This new laminate will no doubt be less impact resistant but the weight saving of 12 pounds is hard to argue with. Coming in at just 40lbs this boat is almost as nice to lift and carry as it is to paddle.

Here are some shots of our first ever Super Lite 16. Sorry though, this boat sold the first day we put it in the showroom, but don't worry #2 is on it's way through finishing right now with more scheduled to be built this week.

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