Wednesday, November 16, 2011

New 2012 Naish Boards have arrived!

Its no secret that Stand Up Paddling is the fastest growing niche in the world of paddling, what you may not know is that WCK is following suit by hugely expanding our SUP offerings for 2012. New boards, new paddles, new accessories, lessons, tours and certified instruction staff will all help to make WCK the leader in SUP in the Fraser Valley and beyond.

To start things off this week we received our first of many Naish shipments. We now have stock in new 2012 Nalu's 11'4" & 11'6", as well as the Nalu Sport. We are also entering the race market with the our first new race board for 2012, the Naish Glide 12'6".

Don't worry ladies, we haven't forgotten about you, come check out the all new Alana 10'10", while this board is "pretty" enough to hang over the mantle as a decoration let there be no mistake, this board was designed to paddle, OK and look pretty.

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