Monday, February 20, 2012

New member to WCK Whitewater Team - Steve Arns

There are very few whitewater paddlers in BC that give as much back to the community as Steve Arns. Aside from being a very accomplished whitewater paddler with over 300+ rivers and creeks under his belt in 8 different countries Steve has also started one of the most valuable resources for river beta in BC. Steve started the hugely popular site in 2009. Since then he has added dozens of river guides and blog posts. The site focuses mainly on BC but has lots of good beta for the east coast and California as well. It is the online bible for class 4+/5 whitewater kayaking in BC with amazing photos and accurate beta.

- Steve on the Homathko Portage, Day 2.

Aside from his online exploits Steve spear heads the Callaghan Creek Race in Whistler. Steve has also been one of the most active paddlers in the fight to preserve recreation on the hundreds of creeks in BC currently under threat of hydro development. This is a battle that consumes a lot of time and often has little or no reward. Either way, we really appreciate his efforts on this front.

- Spirit Falls, Little White Salmon River, WA

Steve has been paddling since 2002 "Learned to paddle in Newfoundland. Slowly migrated to Ottawa, where the boating was better, then to BC where the boating is the best..." - Steve Arns

- Upper Stave River, BC

We are super stoked to have Steve as part of the team. Check back here, and on the site for updates on river conservation, trip reports and even some product reviews. If you see him on the river be sure to thank him for the beta and efforts to keep water in our creeks.

WCK Paddle Team

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