Thursday, April 11, 2013

New Carts from Harmony

Carrying canoes and kayaks is a pain. To help alleviate some of this pain Harmony Gear has rolled out (no pun intended) some awesome new carts for 2013. We got our first round of Harmony carts this past week and they have been really popular already.

With the huge growth in Sit On Top kayaks largely driven by the fishing market Harmony has developed a cart designed to work on any sit on top. This adjustable cart has 2 vertical poles that can adjust width wise to fit the scuppers or drain holes of almost any sit on top kayak. This has made lots of kayak anglers very happy as most fishing kayaks are upward of 70lbs, and not overly easy to carry because of their wide nature.

Harmony Sit On Top Cart w/ Flat Free Foam Wheels, $89.99
The Sto-away cart by Harmony is our most compact cart, it folds up small to fit in hatches and tuck under canoe seats. The Sto-away comes standard with a kick stand to make securing your kayak even easier.

Sto-away Cart w/ Flat Free Wheels, $89.99

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