Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Never Ending New Models!

Yesterday we received even more NEW MODELS from Jackson Kayaks in both Recreational and Whitewater kayaks. It's really promising to see a North American kayak company continue to produce multiple new models every year in an economy still cautious from the recession. Better yet is the caliber of new models that they have turned out this year, from the new 2011 Hero's, to the Rockstars, and now the Rogues, and soon the new Ibis model, as well as terrific new fishing kayaks.

Jackson doesn't just apply their out of the box thinking to their boat design, they also applied it to their shipping practices as seen in the picture below. In the roughly 1000 kayaks that we receive over the course of a typical year here at WCK we have never received a shipment of kayaks packaged quite like this before. This up-right approach to shipping their white water boats means less chance of damage in shipping, so your new boat will be 100%, no complaints there! Also we love the creative usage of packaging, reusing produce boxes to protect their boats is awesome, sorry, no fresh produce on this shipment. This efficient use of space keeps freight costs down as well as helps lower their carbon footprint allowing for other cargo to be sent in the same trucks. Lower freight rates means less cost which equals better deals on boats for the end users, another plus.

Possibly though the boat that had my stoke meter all but maxed out would be the new Rockstars. We received a couple for stock and a demo in each of the 3 sizes. Stay tuned for info on the upcoming WCK play boat demo on the Chilliwack River and try one out for yourself.

Check out this awesome video on the Rockstar.

We also received our demo Super Hero (in the funky new "rasta colors"). If it weren't for me wanting to paddle this boat I'm not sure we would have needed a demo model. Without people even trying the boat we sold through all the Heros and Super Hero's we had within the first 2 weeks. Not something we're used to seeing with whitewater kayaks. That says something about how confident people are in Jackson's design team.

Last but not least is Jackson's new Rogue. The Rogue will come in 2 sizes 9' and 10' . The Rogue is their 2nd generation cross over boat. It has all the features you would expect from any cross over boat and then all the typical Jackson ingenuity on top of that. Rear hatch, comfortable and performance oriented outfitting, and drop skeg. The hull is a perfect blend of flat water and class 3 for a truly do anything type of boat.

With all the new models from Jackson and Hobie our demo days are filling up fast so book now to avoid the mid summer wait.

Ryan Bayes

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