Thursday, March 24, 2011

New boats and after work runs.

Daylight Saving time is always a highly anticipated event here at WCK.
In the winter, the switch back to Standard time brings with it the end of the after work paddles, at least an after work paddle with light that is. Likewise every spring we turn the clocks forward an hour and turn on the after work paddles.

Timing was perfect this year for the spring ahead event as we had just received some more new models that everyone was itching to try out.

Some of the new boats from Venture Kayaks and Pyranha.

We received our first ever shipment from Venture Kayaks. The Easky 13 and Flex 11 are recreation kayaks, more suited towards actually kayaking than many of the rec boats on the market today. Both models are equipped with a retractable skeg, rear bulkheads and hatches (Easky 13 has a front bulkhead and hatch). Both boats are also rudder ready should you decide down the road you want to add a rudder.

The Flex 11 is a really stable platform for novice to intermediate paddlers that want a shorter boat with out sacrificing performance, like some recreational kayaks geared strictly towards 1st timers. Don't forget, your only a first timer once. The cockpit also is more suited towards adventurous paddling, its big enough for easy entry and exit but not so big that using a skirt becomes more of a hassle than a benefit.

The Flex 11 with one seat up and one seat down.

The Easky 13 like the Flex is solid enough in the water for first timers but will carry the paddler well into their intermediate paddling. With an extra 2 feet of storage and a front bulkhead the Easky is suited to handle some light weight weekend trips for the conservative packer. The Easky also comes with a handy dry Storage Pod that mounts to the front deck within reach of the paddler.

The first WCK Easky 13's.

Both are outfitted with the super cool flip-top backrest. I was impressed with how comfortable the seats were before I even realized you could flip them up to increase the back support. Possibly my favorite part of this is that when its folded down it doesn't stick up above the cockpit, so you can actually use a nice dry fitting neoprene deck, again more kayak less toy.

The drop skegs are also super solid, the tried and tested spring loaded system on the Feel Free boats drops down with authority, you can be sure when you drop the skeg it's actually dropping. With the skeg down the boats track really well considering how maneuverable they are with the skegs up. Pull the skeg up and lean these boats over and they really carve.

Both the Easky and Flex come standard with a quick use paddle holder and flat areas to mount one of their rod holders to make your kayak a multi purpose boat.

The demo days are filling up fast so book your spot now to try out one of the Venture Kayaks.

Ryan Bayes

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