Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fishing Seminar Recap!

Well the first ever WCK Kayak Fishing Seminar wrapped up on Friday evening. We couldn't be more stoked with the event. With just over 30 eager anglers showing up, some reps and pro's, tons of great prizes and give aways from all our sponsors and some short kayak fishing films to wrap it all up. Huge thanks to everyone that came out to make this event a huge success.

Both Len Zilkowsky from The Jackson Kayak Fishing Team and Kevin Henderson with Wilderness Systems Kayaks gave great presentations on kayak rigging, safety and tips on fishing from a kayak. Len also shared some of his videos form his web site, thefishwhisperer.ca

In total I think about half the crowd went home with some prizes from the raffle and door prizes donated by our great sponsors for the event. Wilderness Systems stepped up with several great prizes as well as Scotty Fishing Accessories with a couple rod holders and camera mounts. The hottest prizes though were the Kayak Fish Finder Package with a Lawrence Fish Finder and Install Kit, Adventure Technology Oddesey Fiberglass Paddle, Stohlquist Fishing PFD all donated by WCK! There was also a draw for $400 in Scotty Accessories and SLidetrax parts donated by Wilderness Systems and Scotty, this was a joint effort by both companies. In order to be entered into this draw you had to have purchased a SlideTrax outfitted Wilderness Systems Fishing Kayak, as if the boats went cool enough already.

We are stoked and looking forward to this season of kayak fishing. If you missed this event be sure to mark it on the calendar for next year.

Kevin doing a short presentation on safety and kayak fishing clothing.

Len brought his own freshly decked out Cuda to show his latest round of mods, you can find more info on rigging the JK Cuda on Lens site.

Kayak Fishing Movie time, thanks agin to Len for letting us show his vidoe's.

The lucky winner of the $400 Slidetrax/Scotty give away. Wildenress Systems ran an amazing promotion for our Boat and Fishing Shows this year. Every happy new owner of a Wilderness Systems Fishing Kayak received a free HumminBird FIsh Finder and there name into the draw for the Scotty Slidetrax package.

Not to be outdone WCK put up some wicked prizes as well, the show stopper here was the Lawrence Fish Finder and Kayak Install Kit made by Hobie Kayaks, this complete kit makes rigging your boat with a fish finder a breeze.

Another happy winner, the Adventure Technology Odyssey Paddle is a great choice for kayak anglers, the blades are super tough and the fiberglass shaft keeps the weight down for long days fishing from the yak.

In total our raffle brought in almost $170 to be donated to the Wilderness Committee. The Wilderness Committee does lots of hard work to keep fish in our rivers and lakes, if your not already member check them out.

Thanks again to all the sponsors and help: Scotty, Wilderness Systems, Harmony Accessories, Len Zilkowsky, Kevin henderson

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