Monday, March 26, 2012

Kayak Fishing Specific Paddles, Werner Tybee 250cm

Over the last 3 or 4 years there have been some huge advancements in Fishing Kayaks. Most notably the presence of standing kayaks. Most companies now offer kayaks that have a flat area for your feet and are stable enough to stand on. These kayaks offer enough stability to comfortably stand while paddling or casting. This amazing stability is achieved by flattening and widening the hull.

While kayaks have advanced for this new genre of kayaking, paddles are just now starting to catch up. With wider boats and elevated seats, longer paddles have become essential for comfortable paddling. For 2012 Werner Paddles is offering their popular Tybee paddle in longer lengths up to 250cm. This is a high angle blade on a longer shaft that makes moving some of these larger sit on top kayaks a little easier.

We now have stock in both the fibreglass reinforced blade and the carbon reinforced blade in 250cm. Both shafts are a hybrid carbon and glass mixture offering excellent strength and weight. At $130 for the fibreglass reinforced blades this is an awesome choice for anglers on a budget. The carbon reinforced blades are also very reasonably priced at $180 and offers additional weight savings as well as a stiffer more efficient blade.

The fiberglass reinforced blade is yellow.

The Carbon reinforced blades are black.

Come in and check out these new exciting fishing blades.

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