Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Georgian Bay in the 185 MacKenzie

Clipper owner Larry Norman sent us this note and photos about his family's summer canoe trip.

Another summer and a few more trips in the Mackenzie 18.5'.
A few weeks ago we were on Georgian Bay at Philip Edward Island for 6 days. This boat is absolutely the perfect canoe for this place. Our kids are now 5,7 and 9 and still tons of capacity. This area is more commonly traveled in sea kayaks than canoes, as winds can come up fast and there are some vast reaches of open water on the bay.
Even so with one eye on the weather and some care it can be safely explored in a canoe, the right canoe anyway. Our good friends, experienced paddlers were also in an 18'5 made by someone else , and with one less passenger, so we thought we would all be equally comfortable in the waves. As the swell rose on the second day, we were bone dry and rock solid as we watched their bow bury and take on water before a quick decision to make camp on the lee side of the nearest island.

Fortunately it was a beautiful site!

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  1. Hi, can you put me in touch with Larry Norman? We love the top picture of him with his kid... it just captures "people & nature" and we'd like to use it in a publication by the Georgian Bay Biosphere.