Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WCK Staff Rocks it at Tamihi Five-O

Team Paddler and WCK ace sales person Laura Demers placed in the medals in all three events she entered at this years Tamihi Five O, held Sept 17-18 on the Chilliwack River here in B.C.

Tamihi Five O is a fun slalom race for open canoes. Held every year in September, this 4th annual event is just 40 minutes from Western Canoeing & Kayaking’s front door.

Race organizers report that “This is not an event where you'll find lots of trained racers - you'll find mortal river-runners just having a good time trying to get through the gates. Experienced paddlers can try for a fast, clean run; newer paddlers may "decide" to skip a gate or two, and that's OK!”

A large contingent of competitors came from the Beaver Canoe Cub. Paddlers also attended from Washington, Oregon, Colorado…and as far away as Toronto and the UK! Laura finished up the day by doing the course on her “Imagine- Rapid Fire” SUP board. This was the first time a Stand Up Board has been used at this event. She made it look so easy, I kind of expect to see this as a full on event at next year’s T5-O.

Thanks to Steve Charles of Totem Photographics for the use of his pics.

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