Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Member on the WCK Whitewater Team.

WCK is welcoming 'on board' the newest member of our Whitewater Team, Jen Eddie.

Choosing Jen was really a no brainer when we were picking the team. Jen's enthusiasm for whitewater kayaking is hard to miss. Aside from her day job, teaching in Lytton BC, she spends a lot of time getting youth in her area into kayaks. When picking people for the team we weren't looking for the gnarliest of the huckers (all though Jen does fit that bill as well) we were looking for people that portrayed whitewater in a good light, and promoted the sport in a positive manner. If you have ever paddled with Jen you know that's exactly what she does. The massive smile never leaves her face from put in to take out.

Jen throwing a big blunt.

Jen was more excited about having access to our demo and rental boats, and gear to help get the local kids in her area out on the water, than she was about the sweet deals of being on the team. This only reassured us that we chose the right person.

Surfing on the Slave during the Slave River Festival Rodeo.

Jen will be posting trip reports and reviews on the site from her many exploits across Canada with her kayak. Check the forum for her updates on the Frog Wave (Thompson River) as well as other local runs like the Stein and Nahatlatch.

Yup, there's that smile.

Jen showing she ain't just about the play boating.

Keep up the great work Jen, glad to have you on board!

By Ryan Bayes

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