Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Member on the WCK Whitewater Team.

WCK is welcoming 'on board' the newest member of our Whitewater Team, Jen Eddie.

Choosing Jen was really a no brainer when we were picking the team. Jen's enthusiasm for whitewater kayaking is hard to miss. Aside from her day job, teaching in Lytton BC, she spends a lot of time getting youth in her area into kayaks. When picking people for the team we weren't looking for the gnarliest of the huckers (all though Jen does fit that bill as well) we were looking for people that portrayed whitewater in a good light, and promoted the sport in a positive manner. If you have ever paddled with Jen you know that's exactly what she does. The massive smile never leaves her face from put in to take out.

Jen throwing a big blunt.

Jen was more excited about having access to our demo and rental boats, and gear to help get the local kids in her area out on the water, than she was about the sweet deals of being on the team. This only reassured us that we chose the right person.

Surfing on the Slave during the Slave River Festival Rodeo.

Jen will be posting trip reports and reviews on the site from her many exploits across Canada with her kayak. Check the forum for her updates on the Frog Wave (Thompson River) as well as other local runs like the Stein and Nahatlatch.

Yup, there's that smile.

Jen showing she ain't just about the play boating.

Keep up the great work Jen, glad to have you on board!

By Ryan Bayes

Liquid Logic Now at WCK

Liquid Logic Kayaks are now in stock at Western Canoeing and Kayaking. The Stomper 80 and 90 are this year's most highly anticipated new Creek boats. After a quick test paddle by some of the staff this new boat is now a favorite . The Stomper combines many of the hull features from the hugely popular Jefe and Remix series by Liquid Logic. Its flatter hull and massive rocker make for a forgiving ride with out loosing the feel of the water like some other soft mannered boats.

We have lots of stock in the Stomper and even some demo boats. Call now to arrange a demo paddle . . . if we can pry it away from the staff that is.

We also brought in Liquid Logic's already classic Remix XP series. The cross-over category of kayaks has been way more popular than we could have ever guessed. This just goes to show that our paddlers want something that can take them from mild to wild depending on their mood, or current paddling conditions.

Designed to excel in flatwater and up to class 3 whitewater, cross over boats are largely popular due to do their versatility, not to mention they out perform most flat water boats even on flat water. Rec boats have become so stable that by some standards they now lack the performance they once had, problem solved with the Remix. Aside from coming in 2 sizes 9' and 10' for small and bigger paddlers the Remix is packed full of all the features you would expect from any good boat, recreational or whitewater.

With more boats arriving all the time, check back to see what else Liquid Logic has up it's sleeve for 2012.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

WCK Staff Rocks it at Tamihi Five-O

Team Paddler and WCK ace sales person Laura Demers placed in the medals in all three events she entered at this years Tamihi Five O, held Sept 17-18 on the Chilliwack River here in B.C.

Tamihi Five O is a fun slalom race for open canoes. Held every year in September, this 4th annual event is just 40 minutes from Western Canoeing & Kayaking’s front door.

Race organizers report that “This is not an event where you'll find lots of trained racers - you'll find mortal river-runners just having a good time trying to get through the gates. Experienced paddlers can try for a fast, clean run; newer paddlers may "decide" to skip a gate or two, and that's OK!”

A large contingent of competitors came from the Beaver Canoe Cub. Paddlers also attended from Washington, Oregon, Colorado…and as far away as Toronto and the UK! Laura finished up the day by doing the course on her “Imagine- Rapid Fire” SUP board. This was the first time a Stand Up Board has been used at this event. She made it look so easy, I kind of expect to see this as a full on event at next year’s T5-O.

Thanks to Steve Charles of Totem Photographics for the use of his pics.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Georgian Bay in the 185 MacKenzie

Clipper owner Larry Norman sent us this note and photos about his family's summer canoe trip.

Another summer and a few more trips in the Mackenzie 18.5'.
A few weeks ago we were on Georgian Bay at Philip Edward Island for 6 days. This boat is absolutely the perfect canoe for this place. Our kids are now 5,7 and 9 and still tons of capacity. This area is more commonly traveled in sea kayaks than canoes, as winds can come up fast and there are some vast reaches of open water on the bay.
Even so with one eye on the weather and some care it can be safely explored in a canoe, the right canoe anyway. Our good friends, experienced paddlers were also in an 18'5 made by someone else , and with one less passenger, so we thought we would all be equally comfortable in the waves. As the swell rose on the second day, we were bone dry and rock solid as we watched their bow bury and take on water before a quick decision to make camp on the lee side of the nearest island.

Fortunately it was a beautiful site!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Happy Customer

Linda just picked up a brand new Current Designs GTS.
She wondered if it would fit on her Mini Cooper.

We said, 'no problem'.

Linda is one of many happy customers who purchased a new boat at our Huge Sale this past week.

We would like to thank all the folks who stopped in during the past few days. It's really been an exciting week.